General project information

The main goal of OPTIME project is to develop an overall architecture and distribution service for the implementation of ultraprecise time scale and the reference frequency signals in telecommunication networks. 

Currently, research in many fields of science strictly depend on precise time and frequency measurements, eg. radioastronomy, particle physics, laser optics, navigation, or military systems. Popular measurement solutions as GPS, do not provide sufficient precision.

The OPTIME proposes a solution that allows end users to obtain ultra-precise time and frequency signals without incurring huge costs for the purchase their own atomic clocks, and receive the service related to laboratories generating international atomic time scales, to witch any precise time must be referred.

The result of this project will be complete distribution time and frequency system for end users, which ensure the accuracy several orders higher than offer by currently available methods.


  • Project acronym: Optime
  • Project name: High precision dissemination of time and frequency reference signals 
  • Start date: 1/12/2012
  • Duration: 36 months